The Ultimate 7-Step Guide to Finding a Truly Profitable Blog Niche

Looking for a profitable blogging niche., but not sure where to start? Would you like to create a blog and generate income DW Leads with the sale of training., coaching, or affiliate products? Do you already know what a blog “ niche ” is? A “ positioning ”? Do you have. A precise method to study your market and check that there is demand? Web marketing training do you. Know how to quickly test your blog idea (before waiting 2 years to realize that “it doesn’t bite”)? If you answered. No to any of these questions, take a paper, a pencil, a coffee, a kinder country, and your full attention. In this guide, i will present you 7 steps, to find and validate a profitable niche idea for your blog . Well, blogging.

What Is a Market Niche? What Is a Positioning?

On paper, is pretty simple. Create a blog > fill a need > attract traffic > and sell. In practice, it is far (very far). From being so simple. The reasons for the failure of a blog are multiple : bad strategy, lack of skills. Lack of attendance, unsuitable commercial offer, no bond of trust with its Us phone number list audience… …and ultimately very. Few sales . Great dreams that crumble: financial independence => death 5-figure income per month => adios geographical freedom => dodo work caps live from your passion.

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Why Is It Ultimately So Important to Be So Precise?

Ah not at all the car of your dreams => no no no see your boss again on monday morning => hélas in the race for hacks, little tricks, big secrets, the new tool that will make the most beautiful sales funnel… we forget the essentials . The major problem , which i have been able to identify in recent months with infopreneurs, is at the same time the most neglected , the least mastered , and yet the most strategic. =>> this is positioning. In the “blogging” sense of the term, positioning is an angle of attack, that is to say the ability to personalize its content and its offer in response to various specific problems of a well-defined group of people.

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