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Are you launching a new product or service? Do you want to give your followers an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of your office? Looking to have one of your employees do an Instagram Story takeover? Announcing the winner of your recent social media contest? From promotional photos and videos to more fun, lighthearted content. Consistently posting a wide variety of original content will help keep your Instagram Story and brand fresh. Create content that will keep your followers coming back for more! Instagram Helps Businesses Grow An Audience Become easily discoverable. Grow your audience As a business, you should never stop looking for new ways to grow your audience.

Interaction and Helps Increase Engagement

In the beginning, when you are deciding which social media platform is right for your business, one of Instagram’s strengths to consider is that it helps businesses increase brand awareness. Over the years, Instagram has introduced a number of features to help brands and businesses reach a wider audience. Use location tags. You can include geographic location Philippines Phone Number List tags on your Instagram Stories now to make your business or brand more discoverable locally and globally. Whether you’re tagging a specific location, a city, or even a country, it is an effective way to reach different demographics. Include hashtags. You can also include hashtags in your Instagram Stories to increase the searchability of your profile and its content among the Instagram community.

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Stories Encourages Audience

Just like how you can include hashtags in the caption or comments of regular posts on your Instagram feed, you can also do the same with your Instagram Stories. Instagram Allows Businesses to Engage With DW Leads Their Audience Regularly Millennials make up a vast majority of users on Instagram, and keeping this generation engaged takes time, commitment, and effort. It’s important to understand how to communicate with millennials in order to effectively engage with them on social media. Lucky for you, Instagram recently rolled out new Instagram Story features, allowing you to: Set up a poll.

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