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You want visitors to become customers, and that can only happen if your site holds their attention. If your content is good and your design is functional and enjoyable, visitors will spend a lot of time moving around your pages and will then convert. Intuitiveness Just as search engines try to intuit what users want and point them to it, an intuitive site will guide users to complete the desired action. For example, your site may have a blog post that recommends other posts and pages on your site that a customer is likely to move to next. Your site may also be able to predict where a visitor is in the sales funnel and guide them accordingly.

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Design and Content Work Together Your design is there to support and promote your content. After all, visitors don’t come to your site to see what color scheme you’ve chosen for your site. Instead, they’re there because they have a problem or a want. Your content, not your design, can provide them with a solution. Design and development are there to Aruba Email List support that content. Your design should complement your content and never detract from it. Error Handling One of the biggest goals of web development is to prevent errors.

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However, mistakes will happen. One of the best practices of development is error handling, which is what your site tells a visitor when there’s an error. If there’s no error message or if it’s confusing or unhelpful, visitors will be frustrated. The correct error handling can increase the overall UX. Forms If there are any sorts of forms on your site, you want them to function correctly and be easy to use. Users shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to submit a form, whether you’re collecting their email to send them a discount or if they’re giving you relevant information to complete a purchase.

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