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It wasn’t enough to simply continue supplying products or services. Companies had to show that they were as committed to important causes as their customers were. Or their customers would simply go elsewhere or raise the alarm on social media and spark a boycott. BlackRock Inc. showed its support by committing to keep all. Its staff on the payroll even as lockdown forced contractions and layoffs elsewhere. Under Armour got political with a campaign to promote voter turnout. Customers insisted that brands stand up and be counted on many important issues, and brands responded. Create a Sense of Purpose that Resonates with Customers It is important for your purpose to resonate with your brand, your products, and what is important to your customers.

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If you just try to adopt a purpose because it seems popular, customers will likely see right through it. Let your purpose and your business intertwine effortlessly, and you are almost certain to resonate with your customers. Don’t hijack a trend for the sake of it Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your audience. They can distinguish between a heartfelt message and a Panama Phone Number List mere attempt to jump on the bandwagon. Purpose-driven marketing must be authentic, or consumers will reject it instantly. That is why it is important to choose causes that are close to your heart and that resonate with your brand.

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Focus on the experience, not the trend Your focus should remain on creating a pleasant experience for your customers, creating a purpose-driven brand and brand loyalty through the entire buyer’s journey. Don’t shift your focus DW Leads to a particular trend; rather, build your purpose-driven marketing into your marketing campaigns, keeping the experience as your priority and letting your purpose-driven messages work with it. How Any Brand Can Use Purpose-Driven Marketing Purpose-driven marketing actually shouldn’t be something you need to wrack your brain over.

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