This is expressed in two ways

The one hand increasing the consumption of domestic art and entertainment at all costs and on the other hand at all costs integrating Greek elements into artistic products. Treating art as a national product goes against its most essential and hopeful dimension the one that constitutes the consciousness and conquest of our century and which is its global and timeless scope. Great artists belong to everyone.

Which is neither reasonable nor necessary

What distinguishes the products of art is Image Masking Service the degree of emotion they evoke and the quality of the language they use. Press and analysts rejoice because the youth have turned to Greek music and modern Greek literature or because Greek films have started to sell tickets again. But I cannot understand why we should be happy. Imposed on them and not be sad that they do not adopt a possibly better quality music even if it is of foreign origin If we left the Beatles and Dylan to end up with domestic folk music it cannot be only a cause of joy and national pride.

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The national roots of the work will

The requirement that the artist express himself through DW Leads thematic and morphological elements that refer to his national identity ignores the fact that the creator himself as a multifaceted and complex personality is the reason for the work’s existence and not his birthplace. The national roots of the work will be seen if they occupy an important part of the spiritual world of the creator without him actually having to pursue it but still they will remain discretely present as a particular element among the many of the abstract edifice that constitutes the artistic product.

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