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Behind this behavior is the new marketing ideology. The desire often acknowledged even by serious journalists and publishers to win the maximum number of readers. There are no more forms with circulation limits. Everything is aimed at everyone everyone joins a single target group in a generalized effort to conquer a golden mediocrity since only this according to the experts promises traffic euphoria. The product adapts to market rules. Or the market is built for the product. And as with any modern product more importance is placed on the quality of the packaging than that of the contents.

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It complicates the first and simplifies the Shadow Making Service second. So the format of the magazine is high and its content light. On the way to the satisfaction of this goal there are many journalists and publishers who do not betray themselves because in essence light and high seem more attractive to them than the raw and honest lightness with which although most are more deeply related they do not wish to identify and from the essential seriousness which they allegedly reject because of their inability to serve it. After all these characteristics also happen to be the direction of the modern aesthetics and philosophy of omnipotent advertising.

Shadow Making Service

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Advertising which is the main customer but DW Leads also the main reason for the existence and survival of almost every magazine. Helping in this effort comes the almighty graphic designer who by euphemism and advertising extension has been renamed art director. As with all products from automobiles to television stations the principles of science and commercial competition have led to a suffocating uniformity. There are very few magazines with aesthetic and editorial personality. Most are uniformly light with spikes of seriousness. Captions take the place of texts. The photos tell the story so as not to burden the texts.

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