How to develop an effective digital marketing plan

Airbnb An example of a landing page is the Airbnb page, with the aim of attracting new hosts to its base, the brand provides a simple and intuitive form on its page, where the host can calculate his earning potential. When filling in information, such as: location, space and guests, the user who is interested in becoming a host already knows the average amount that the platform will pay for the service. The brand focuses on earnings to gain the persona’s attention, in addition to working on other elements on its page, such as the background image that humanizes the approach, the persuasive title and CTA buttons airbnb page. Uber Another excellent Landing page example is Uber, which manages to unite simplicity and information.

Who is interested in becoming an uber driver

The user can access the form at the beginning of the page. However, as the user scrolls down, he finds a variety of important information, as well as answers to some of the main questions about what driving is like for the application. With blocks like, “why become Turkey Phone Number List an Uber driver?” to “safety behind the wheel”, the landing page directs the user to places with more imports, with direct call to actions. uber website 5. Wistia Other classic landing page examples, with simplicity and objectivity, are from Wistia. With a white background and very few elements on the page. There is no communication noise that would disturb the registration process. The form only requests the necessary fields for registration. In addition to the possibility of registering through Google or Microsoft login, making the process even easier.

The site provides a section of frequently asked questions to

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Below the form, clarify possible doubts from users about the service. Such as issues related to the limitation of plans. Forms of care and data security. wistia website 6. Nubank DW Leads With a simple design and purple color, Nubank’s Landing Page is a great example that draws attention. Its page provides a simple form, just asking for the user’s CPF to start the registration. By only asking for initial information, the form brings a sense of practicality that is also a brand identity. The title stands out on the page by contrasting colors and font size. This causes the message to be passed without noise in the communication. nubank website 7. Wise is another Landing page example that conveys the simplicity of the tool.

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