Top 10 Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make

Many web blogs make at least one of these mistakes. I’m not saying i don’t do them myself, but i try to avoid them. Some bloggers, on forums or social media groups. Say they don’t get much traffic. And yet, they checked their contents, they spent time on them and did. Some research. But DW Leads nothing to do, the traffic does not take off. Worse still, they lose motivation and shut. Down their blog. It’s a shame, because some are really good, but they only do 5 visits a day… web marketing. Training this “top 10 errors” is a concentrate of the most common mistakes among amateur bloggers. Mistakes, we make them on our blogs. If you start alone, without advice or support.

Too Many Posts Kills the Post

You will have a bette.r chance of accumulating them. According to a study, about 20% of bloggers take less than 15 minutes. To write an article. In addition, 45% take less than 1 hour. This study is carried is ameriplan a legitimate company out by frédéric canevet. It is very interesting, complete and above all it reflects the reality of blogging in france. Here is an example. Of errors found on blogs. And to find it it’s simple, go to pages 8-10. Front page blogs either have a big. Budget like good visibility, or they are well referenced because they have a good structure, good links, etc.

is ameriplan a legitimate company

Articles Too Short, Less Than 500 Words

I’m going to list you the 10 mistakes not to make on your blog if one of these errors is on your blog. Fix it quickly. If you have several, you will have to do a lot of basic work and perhaps review your way of working. Sometimes we don’t have good working methods, which is apparent when reading your articles. At the end of the article, tell me in comment what is your mistake that you make on your blog, be honest. Think posting every day will miraculously bring in traffic? Alas no. The little google bots might pop in to say hi more regularly, but you wouldn’t get a good placement. Your content will not be read or shared enough for this to be effective.

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