Top 7 Boring Blog Posts to Die For

Content marketing will boost your business. Have you ever heard that? However, many blog articles put their audience to sleep. Let’s see which ones… So many marketers have been convinced by all the benefits (very real, by the way) of content marketing. Many of them have started blogs. It’s not very difficult to write! Everything seems so simple and accessible. With wordpress like other cms. But, does all this abundance of blog articles hit its target? Training to create. Your training organization here are the 7 main flaws of blog posts that drive away their audience and some. Ways to fix them. Keyword boom blog post to distinguish themselves in the jungle of blogs, some are.

The Blog Post Lacks Added Value

Tempted by the excessive filling of keywords. This over-optimization is a dangerous step, especially. When you do not master seo techniques. It can penalize the website twice: by search engines and DW Leads audience. A client who had ordered a text from me for his blog was amazed by cell phone number lists the result. He couldn’t understand. Why the title and subtitles weren’t a succession of keywords juxtaposed next to each other – without any meaning. He had thus found that the article was not optimized at all at first glance, before an explanation of seo methodologies. It is always necessary to remember.

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Content Neglects Form

A blog article is above all written for the human being . And anyway, google and others have not been fooled for a long time. In conclusion, good optimization is not achieved by overbidding keywords. Working on your lexical field is much more relevant. Determine long-tail expressions, in parallel with a complete treatment of your subject. Being seo friendly requires a much more subtle approach than including a keyword in every sentence. However, seo is an essential tactic for your content marketing. You talk too much about yourself is each of your blog posts an opportunity to showcase your skills? Aren’t you overdoing it? It’s always tempting to show off, to add a little phrase like “we do that and we do it well!” “.

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