Ultimate Pyramid Top Recruitment Page Executive, how to redefine China’s executive recruitment

What breakthrough innovation and subversive forces will be brought to the field of executive recruitment? On this basis, what real value will Page Executive bring to companies and senior management job seekers? And what kind of combatable team does our Page Executive dare to call traditional executive recruitment and redefine Chinese senior management recruitment?。

In this issue of the TA Dialogue Headhunter Senior Manager Recruitment Series (Upper), we first interviewed three senior executive recruitment consultants in Page Executive China. From their mouths, we came to get a close understanding of this powerful senior executive recruitment team。

Can you briefly introduce yourself? What attracted you to join Page Executive?

Jesaline Huang:I am a senior partner of Page Executive in China and also in charge of Michael Page’s Shenzhen business in South China。In the past fifteen years of recruitment consulting work, the main areas of responsibility and expertise are Background Remove Service financial and financial recruitment. Through the successful introduction of various CXO executives, various Chinese entrepreneurial companies/listed companies have assisted in achieving commercial success。In this process, I was also fortunate to witness and participate in the layout and development of various Chinese enterprises to complete systemization, scale-up, capitalization, and internationalization。

Can you introduce your experience at Page Executive?

Background Remove Service

As a manager, I not only assume the responsibilities of internal management of the company, but also personally inherit various recruitment needs on the front line to maintain the acumen of the market。Thanks to the vigorous development of the Chinese economy, China’s industry is constantly transforming and upgrading, and we continue DW Leads to assist customers to match candidates across industries and fields。The rise of emerging industries is often a depression of talent shortage. The most I have done in the past ten years is to assist customers to sort out the strategic needs of the company, locate the core capabilities of the position, and then match the suitable candidates by introducing talents. Help companies achieve business growth and strategic landing。

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