Topics and Setting the Right Goals

Remember that Google assesses the quality of your pages as well, so great content equals good SEO. Planning and tracking results You and your content team are putting all this work into producing great content, but is it actually worth it? Is it getting you more views? Increasing your qualified leads? Analytic tools will help you answer these questions, but you need to have something to which you can compare the results. Planning is extremely important. Don’t just start a content marketing campaign; first, decide exactly what you want from it.

The leading organizational goals

You can check the analytical data against the goals, and this will help you determine whether your strategy is actually working. 5. Define a digital marketing goal for each individual content piece For each content piece you create, evaluate the topic and see how it stacks up to each of your organizational goals. This will also help you select the right key South-Africa Phone Number List performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure. For instance, if lead generation is your leading organizational goal, the content goal should be aimed at appealing to the customer at different stages of their buying journey. In this case, content types could include creating e-books, white papers, or case studies.

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Increasing brand awareness

If sales are also one of your top organizational goals, the content you choose must move the sales needle. Good content that moves the sales needle doesn’t just inform, it builds trust. Let’s say brand awareness is another one of your company’s organizational goals. In this instance, your content goal might be to generate referral traffic. Possible content types to DW Leads consider are guest posts or influencer content. For example, collaborating with micro-influencers can help you cast a wider net to increase your brand visibility. It’s important that the topics you choose align with your organizational goals in order to deliver an effective content marketing strategy.

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