Track Performance Through Google Analytics

In recent issues of this file, we have seen. How to install and promote his blog. To conclude, i suggest that you set up the performance monitoring. Of your blog via web analytics tools. How to tag, what are the DW Leads key data to analyze, how to use them to improve your blog… find all these topics in Track Performance the rest of this article… introducing free statistics tools… several. Web audience analysis tools offer free solutions, for example at internet (formerly xiti) or google analytics. The latter has the advantage of offering completely free access without having to display a logo on its site. Training to create your training organization in addition to these two tools that i have been able to test and that.

Create an Effective Tagging Plan

I recommend to you, you also have the free solutions offered by mediamétrie estat or weborama. To facilitate. The following explanations, we will take google analytics as an example. The advice is of course valid regardless. Of the tool chosen. At the same time, if you are interested in the buy telephone numbers for marketing field of web analytics, you can read. Our article on google analytics accreditation: how and why to pass google analytics accreditation . Create. An effective tagging plan… once the tool has been chosen, you must install a tag (code) on each of your. Pages so that the audience analysis can begin.

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The Key Data to Follow

Before that, think about how you want to analyze your data. If, for example, you need to have the audience by section in addition to that by page, you will have. To modify the tag or configure the tool according to the chosen solution. For google analytics, the process is very simple, the code Track Performance is the same for all the pages. Once you have registered, click on the set icon (the one that looks like a nut) then on the name of your site. Then go to the “tracking code” tab then “standard”, all you have to do is copy and paste the code on all of your pages before the tag. Blogs using a template system, once the code is pasted in the right place, it will automatically appear on all pages.

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