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Cortana Microsoft entered the Voice Search/ Voice Assistant market relatively late, introducing Cortana in 2014. Cortana has a sophisticated algorithm that enables it to learn your habits and preferences as you use it. As well as offering web searches, it can also arrange your daily activities for you. It is available on all Microsoft phones. The Semantics of Search Will Change When users search by voice, they often use a more conversational tone. While users may be typing “Brooklyn weather” when conducting a text search, they may ask “What is the weather in Brooklyn?” instead when conducting a voice search.

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More often than not, users are more likely to phrase queries as a question. Since voice searches are more conversational and natural in nature, they will prioritize the semantics of search queries. As a result, this will affect the digital marketing landscape, and marketers must reevaluate the keywords used in their content and overall marketing strategy. Instead Turkey Phone Number List of using short keywords in your SEO strategy, make use of long-tail keywords and direct answers to users’ most common questions. It’s time to start paying attention to how your consumers talk. Brands and businesses must consider the tone, word choice, and phrasing used in voice search in this voice search revolution.

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Reevaluating your content’s keywords to adapt to voice search will help your website rank higher on search engines or earn featured snippets. Voice Search Will Grow the Mobile-Friendly Environment Hand holding phone with Coin View app loading People are no longer only searching on their desktops. Hands-free capabilities that come along with mobile DW Leads devices encourage users who are always on the go to utilize voice search. Whether you’re cooking or driving, voice search and mobile go hand in hand as convenient tools for consumers’ everyday life. With users always on the go, voice search will continue to dominate the mobile environment.

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