8 Trends to Follow for 2018

I don’t know if you noticed, but every time we change the year. There is a strange phenomenon that occurs in the world of blogging: we see predictions. Each new year, the soothsayers come out of their cave and begin to predict the future… Training to create your. Training organization and we see tons of articles like: “the 7 big social media trends of the new year”. “the DW Leads future of web marketing”; “will blogging die in 2018? “. I’ll be frank with you: i don’t like these articles. There are two reasons for this : 1) very often, these articles are written by people who know nothing about it. They write on the subject, because they know that it is a subject that works hard, and they take the opportunity.

First Principle: Personality

To have a little more visibility. 2) and very often too, these articles bring nothing. They are hollow and always. Repeat the same things. In fact, they remind me a bit of packets of chips: a lot of talk, and very little content. These articles are like packets of crisps: a lot of wind for purchase phone number lists very little substance. So yes, reading me. You might think i’ve gone crazy. Because i’m bashing “predictions” articles, and i’m writing an article called “blogging. 8 trends to follow for 2018”. Why am i doing this ? I’ll tell you: the article i’m going to present to you today is. Different from all the “predictions / trends” articles you have read so far. You see, i’m not going to tell you.

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Principle Two: Write About the Right Topics

That you have to get into facebook lives or that you have to install a facebook chatbot on your site, just because it’s trendy, and everyone is talking about it ( pity). No. Instead of telling you about fads, i’m going to tell you about essential principles of blogging. I’m going to show you 8 principles of blogging that have been around for years, have worked for years, and will work for years to come. These principles are the top blogging trends of 2018, and i’m going to show you why you should seriously consider using them on your blog.

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