Truths and Lies About Customer Service

How many times have we had to call the customer service. Of our mobile phone company, our bank, our car insurance or any other product or service that. We have contracted and that offers a telephone customer service to solve any problem incidence. Complaint or doubt. Normally after several minutes on the phone, having explained our problem. Someone DW Leads gives us a solution in the best of cases. I do not want to destroy the telemarketing services that many. Companies have implemented, what is more, i want to defend them because the failure of customer service. Is not something that depends 100% on the people in this department. The problem is deeper. Part of offering your employees the appropriate means to answer these phone calls and that many times is.

Normally After Several Minutes on the Phone

Not quite the ideal that we as customers on the other side may think. There are also the internal protocols. That is, not all customers are the same and receive the same attention or priority. It is get a indian phone number also true that companies. Do not offer the best products to their customers, this may sound shocking and strange, but it is true, companies. Offer those products that generate the most utility or financial profitability and the customer is a second opinion. Perhaps the sales and telemarketing departments are the face of the company, but the lack of customer service. Is a global problem.

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The Correct Management of the Client Begins

Which begins with not having well-defined protocols and strategies and not being aware of their own limitations in terms of logistics, administration, manufacturers or of any other nature. The correct management of the client begins with knowing oneself, the people, processes, protocols and technology available. You may want to climb everest, but maybe we should start by climbing the closest mountain we have. Having aspirations of greatness is not bad, but we must live day by day with our reality, whatever it may be, and from there build the best we are capable of doing, but always with the 3 c’s on our side: credibility, coherence and consequence with what is said and above all with what we offer and do. We must provide solutions and not generate.

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