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The movement has rapidly grown up and so many other categories of people have joined, like university professors and librarians. I have contributed to the French translation of Nadia Eghbal’s book, Roads and Bridges:Uk Phone Number Our Charity Hackathon Activity The Uk Phone Number Unseen Labor Behind our Digital Infrastructure, which inspired me to found Kali Academy, a coding school for university students, as an urgent response to most of the problems raised by Nadia in her book. Uk Phone Number With Kali Academy, I want to create awareness among young students to contribute open-source code; and I am convinced that the best way to learn to program is with free/libre software.

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About your project? The project consists of promoting WordPress university students and then contributing back to the Uk Phone Number whole WordPress community. We have found that many students are not aware of WordPress and all its capabilities. We have identified around 30 students with whom we are working in this phase. Later on, we will be training them on how to Uk Phone Number create a WordPress theme, which theme will be shared with the entire WordPress community worldwide. The last step will be to use this theme to create a WordPress website for free for non-profit organizations as part of our charity hackathon activity.

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This project/program? How did you come up with the idea? First thing first, I’m a FLOSS advocate. Uk Phone Number When I look around me, I notice that people are not aware of open source in general; and even among university students. So, I decided to do something to Uk Phone Number promote WP. In short, I want people in my local community to:Learn about and be aware of WP, Use it, and Contribute back to it, This is what we are trying to do. How has your project added diversity to WordPress and its community? This is not a secret, the WordPress community is still struggling with diversity and inclusion.

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