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URL he page the backlink is pointing to , and a number of other useful SEO metrics . By default, the report groups similar backlinks together so you only see unique backlinks. However, you can change this so that you see all backlinks or just one link per domain. backlinks grouping toggle As with the Referring Domains report, there are tons of insightful filters. I’ll say a little more about that in a moment. For now, let’s just say that they are useful for learning more about specific backlinks and referring websites. What to do next? The truth is, just knowing who is linking to your site isn’t actually very useful or insightful. It’s a bit like looking at someone’s Facebook friends. You’ll get a list of hundreds or thousands of people, but that’s all.

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You can’t tell their real friends from the cyprus phone number friends they’ve never met in real life. There is a lack of context. I will assume that you found and read this article because You heard links are important for SEO.. You wanted to know how many links you already have and who they are from. Ultimately, you want more links in order to increase the performance of your website in the search engines and to get more traffic . If I’m wrong, close this tab and get on with the rest of your day. No offense. Otherwise, we’ll go through some actionable ways you can use link data to improve your SEO and get more organic traffic. Establishing and maintaining relationships with serial linkers People who link to your site over and over again are called series linkers . These are people who are worth maintaining relationships with.

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To use Google Search Console to determine who these people are, sort the Top Referring Sites report by landing page from high to low. top linking sites high to low Most of the time, you can ignore social networking sites e.g. and other websites from DW Leads which the links are likely to be the result of user-generated content. Focus on links from sites you know, such as popular industry blogs. If you don’t already have a good relationship with one of these sites, it’s worth introducing yourself and thanking them for their support. People tend to connect with people they know and like, so this simple act can have a very positive impact. Looking for an even better strategy? Find your competitor ‘s serial linkers with Ahrefs Site Explorer . Insert a competitor domain and go to the Referring Domains report .


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