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In terms of SEO however, he is not a threat. He doesn’t even have a website. I’ll add these five competitors to my table. competitors PER TIP If you’re trying to find competitors for a blog or ecommerce site, researching sites that rank for a single keyword isn’t the best way to go. That’s because these are likely targeting hundreds or thousands of keywords and topics across many pages. So it’s better to see who’s competing with you across the board. You can use the Competing Domains report in Ahrefs Site Explorer to do this. Site Explorer Specify Domain Organic Search Competing Domains ahrefs blog competing domains . Analysis of the competitive landscape Next, we need to get an overview of the competitive landscape.

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To do that we’re going to pull out a few key statistics and SEO metrics that should give us an idea of ​​how established the competition is. Let’s use Ahrefs batch Germany Phone Number List analysis tool to do this for all competitor sites at once. Batch Analysis enter competitor domain Analyze batch analysis competitors Batch analysis will provide tons of useful stats for any website, but for now I’m interested in the following Domain Rating DR Ahrefs Rank AR Number of referring domains Estimated organic search traffic Estimated number of keyword rankings Let’s add them to our table. stats spreadsheet To explain these SEO metrics a little more Domain Rating DR A high DR score indicates a website has a solid backlink profile.

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You should judge DR in relation to your site and not in absolute numbers. For example, if your site is DR and your competitor’s is DR , that’s a bit higher. If your website is DR and a competitor’s is DR , it’s like comparing a corner store to Walmart — they’re not your competition. Ahrefs Rank AR A low Ahrefs rank is an indicator of a strong site. AR tells you the same thing as DR, but with more granularity. For example, if you have two competitors with DW Leads DR websites, you can use AR to see which is the stronger of the two. Referring domains A high number of referring domains can also indicate a strong website. Provided that these links are not of poor quality. Note This is why building DR is also useful as it takes into account both the quality and quantity of links to a website.


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