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The exchange of information is key One of the best ways to start building strong and effective relationships with prospective customers is to first engage in an exchange of information. Many businesses do this by asking for their email address in exchange for valuable content or more information. Tying in your content marketing strategy is key to creating an effective marketing funnel to drive sales. Over time, you can send them valuable content to build a relationship so that you are the first brand that comes to mind when they are ready to buy. Provide an exit intent pop-up We’ve all seen these on the websites we’ve visited. They’re the pop-ups that are displayed when we often close the webpage window or tab.

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Typically, this pop-up window will have an opt-in option, and studies show that one pop-up can boost your conversion rates by 10% or more. Build a stronger relationship with your audience through email marketing Integrating email marketing provides an avenue for constant and consistent interaction with subscribers who have expressed interest in your Hong Kong Phone Number List company, product, or service. Understand how to deliver compelling email marketing to promote consistent engagement and drive sales. Marketing automation can help your leads trickle down the funnel and increase the chances of turning them into buyers. Both email marketing and marketing automation can also help you map out your marketing funnel at each stage and throughout the entire customer buying journey.

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Conversion clay-banks-Ox6SW103KtM-unsplash The last stage of the marketing funnel is lead conversion. Yes, your prospects (which you have poured your hard work, dedication and marketing budgets into) have finally DW Leads decided to buy your product or service. However, it doesn’t end here. You want to ensure that these lead conversions become returning buyers. With that, you should be investing more and putting more effort into building relationships with existing customers.

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