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Therefore, we can only find ways. To improve the visibility of the product. How to improve visibility? You can refer to these three steps. At the same time, alipay’s official weibo also released a video guide for sweeping wufu, which marks the upcomin. Start of this year’s wufu collection. In the early morning of february 6, alipay’s official blog released Cameroon Phone Number a video advertisement. For the new year’s collection of five blessings and 500 million as scheduled. Facing the re-emergence of alipay’s blessing event. Are you happy or worried? For alipay’s new year jifu marketing campaign. We will learn from its operation guide and advertising video, and further analyze it from. Alipay’s jifu operation, advertising creativity and dissemination.

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Jiwufu is the same as in previous years. But this year the amount of red envelopes has risen to 500 million yuan. However, it is impossible. To predict how much each person will get. For those of you who can’t wait, let’s take a look Cameroon Phone Number at the strategy of alipay’s five blessings. In fact, there are 5 ways to get the blessing: 1. From february 6, swipe the word “yi fu” or the “five fu arrival” gesture of friends. Around you through alipay ar. The character of blessing can be any. Character of blessing, or it can be written by hand, as long as it is clear. And it cannot be scanned out if it is not clear. After opening alipay, there are two entrances, one is to click and scan directly. Select ar in it, align the blessing character. It will be automatically recognized, and then the blessing card will be absorbed.

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Is on the alipay homepage where you can see the page. Of “celebrating the happy new year together. With a “click to enter” guide button. After entering, click “scan”, the following operations. Are the same as the first step. 2. From february 8th, collect Cameroon Phone Number golden eggs in ant manor. And you will have the opportunity to harvest fuka. 3. From february 11th, participate in the ant fores.t watering activity (friends or trees that are planted together), enter the friend page to water. Your friends, and you will have the opportunity to get fuka. Ps: i don’t know if you have noticed. That there is a scratch area on the back of fuqua. 4. Alipay diamond members can get 3 .universal blessing cards for free.

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