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A robust CRM (customer relationship management) tool provides more accurate and in-depth data about each customer’s path. Look at platforms like HubSpot or Soho to get started. To attribute paid ad campaigns, use the analytics on each platform (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, etc) to get the data you want. Testing For all this data to help you accomplish your goals, you need to test which changes will help improve results. It’s a good idea to start by testing what isn’t working. AB / Split Testing compares two versions of something to find out which of the two performs better.

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You can look at colors, placements, wording, images, actions (redirects). But be careful about not testing too many things at once because then your results will be too vague. Heat mapping tracks mouse movement to show user behavior on a website page. Combining these two gives you even greater insights that will move you towards your goal Jamaica Phone Number List it’s important that you don’t rush testing. Allow time to gather a large enough sample size of users or data to make any conclusions. Furthermore, testing is a reiterative process. For optimal results, test, analyze, then repeat! 4. Dashboards and Benchmarks Tracking is not a one-time thing. You need to be able to compare figures to previous periods monthly, annually, seasonally.

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Consistent reporting reveals trends. Display data in dashboards for a holistic view and to help you spot trends quickly. A comprehensive dashboard provides a central overview of all these metrics. It can be divided into sections and customized to display what’s important to you. In addition, each element can be expanded if you need to dive deeper. Competitor DW Leads Insights How do your metrics stack up against your competitors? You can compare things like website traffic, organic research, paid ads, and social media through competitive research. Review your competitors’ marketing efforts once to twice a year to stay abreast of changes they’ve made.

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