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That would be impossible The great thing about Google Keyword Planner is that you can actually see estimated impressions for a lot more local areas. Also for certain cities. Let’s just start typing a location in the location filter above. Let’s try it for Los Angeles City . los angeles area Now we see that “plumber” has just K monthly impressions. Pretty neat, right? la plumber impressions Now we see that “Plumber” only has K monthly impressions. Pretty neat, right? Just add a keyword or many to your plan — I’ll go with “Henderson’s Relish”. Now switch to the Plan Overview , select “All Locations” in the location filter and scroll down to the Locations field. You will see a list of the top countries the keyword is searched from. hendersons relish countries BY THE WAY.

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Make sure you clear the location-specific Malaysia Phone Number location filter first. You can see that for “hendersons relish” . of all impressions are from the UK. No wonder, since it’s a British condiment . But you can go even deeper. Since we know that most searches come from the UK, we can set UK as the location in the location filter. Now the Locations box shows more localized areas. top provinces hendersons relish . of all searches take place in England. Let’s use the drop down menu and narrow this down fhe districts. counties hendersons . in South Yorkshire, but also . in London — seems popular among Londoners too for some reason . Now let’s look at the cities. sheffield hendersons in Sheffield. Again, unsurprisingly — that’s where it’s maRO.

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TIP You can also use this feature to find out who you should be creating content for. For example, . of all searches for “luxury cars” come from the city of Los Angeles. la luxury car rental If you run a luxury car rental company, it might be worth creating DW Leads content that would appeal to people from Los Angelen if it wasn’t entirely car-related. This would be a great way to get on the interest list of potential clients. Good idea? Theem to think so . rentalcars la guide Note. I have no conn It’s just an example. Suggested reading Local SEO A Simple But Complete Guide . Know what devices people are using and which ones to optimize for People nowadays use many types of devices to surf the internet namely smartphones, laptops and tablets.


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