What Are Image Rights and How Are They Used?

The term “image rights” is increasingly associated. With the world of business strategy and marketing. And it is that the huge amounts of money produced. By sectors such as sports are due, in DW Leads large part, to the exploitation of the image rights of its protagonists. The athletes. In this post you will discover what rights are and how they are used. What are image. Rights to have a clearer idea of ​​what rights are, we have to analyze the organic law that develops it, 1/1982, of may 5, on civil protection of the right to honor, personal privacy and one’s own . This is aimed at civil protection against any interference, illegitimate interference or moral damage caused.

What Are Image Rights

By the use of the person’s image. Based on this regulation, image rights can be used to exploit them. Commercially by their owner or licensee, or on the contrary, to protect themselves against misuse. By Uk phone number database third parties. However, it is important to avoid confusion due to the belief that all use of images of other. People is illegal , since, as the organic law itself cites in one of its articles, “in general, actions authorized. Or agreed by the competent authority in accordance with the law, nor when a relevant historical, scientific. Or cultural interest prevails” it also asserts that, “in particular, the right to one’s own image will not prevent: its capture.

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The Economic Potential of Image Rights

Reproduction or publication by any means in the case of people who hold public office or a profession of notoriety or public projection and the is captured during a public act or in places open to the public. The use of the caricature of these people, according to social use. The graphic information about an event or public happening when the of a specific person appears as merely accessory.” the economic potential of rights however, such is the economic potential that the image rights of certain characters have, that they even sell their exploitation rights to expert marketing companies, causing a whole trend with the of the person in question around merchandising.

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