What Is E-Commerce According to Business Profile?

E-commerce or electronic commerce is not a single concept. But on the contrary it provides many meanings to rely on. According to wikipedia, it is a system. Of buying and selling products and services DW Leads that use the internet as the main means of communication. That is, a merchant class code is developed where both collections and payments are handled electronically. Which is its main feature and which helps to understand this concept in the business sector. In any case, and as it is reasonable to understand, every business has a class of buyers to which it is directed. And on this basis we can make a series of divisions that will be very useful to understand the purpose.

Other Divisions That May Be Very Relevant

Of this article. Be useful that is, what is electronic commerce according to the commercial profile. And what different functions it provides that will be shown below. To clarify this meaning, it will be necessary. To consider not only the nature of this professional role. If not, also to create china phone number whom to market your products. Services or goods. Because that way, we’re in a better position to get to the bottom of the matter, which is ultimately. What this case boils down to. Index 1 classes of business profile 2 other divisions that may. Be very relevant 3 advantages of creating a digital business or store 4 disadvantages in its use 5 increase. In ecommerce sales in the last year 6 increasing e-commerce: towards the eu and the us business.

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Advantages of Creating a Digital Business or Store

Profile classes of course, some of them will be really familiar to you, while others you may not have known until now. In any case, it is time to leave doubts in this area that has so much influence on the commercial or online store. B2b ( business-to-business ): companies whose end customers are other companies or organizations. An example could be a building materials store that targets interior designers or builders. B2c (business-to-consumer): companies that sell directly to end users of a product or service. It is the most common and has thousands of examples of fashion stores, shoes, electronics, etc. C2b (consumer-to-business): portals where consumers post a product or service and companies charge a price for them.

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