What is a webinar and what are its advantages

We see how this new online education and training system. Called webinar is expanding throughout the world. And it is that every day more people realize how practical. It is to connect through. The internet to receive free teachings, generally from their own house. Great scholars in the different areas of knowledge. And topics of interest, offer their knowledge online. Classes are completely free; they do this as part of their inbound. Campaigns or to support. Their work as digital marketing consultants. Table of contents. What are the advantages? Of creating a webinar? The resources that you have to invest in preparing. A webinar will definitely always. Be less than a face-to-face class, and I am referring to money, space, and time.

What is a webinar

Difference between a webinar and a video conference Why webinars are useful for a content strategy The truth is that there are more and more options that allow you to access all the globalized knowledge through Webinars. Let’s speak clearly! What is a webinar and what are its advantages 1. The term webinar tells us that we are facing a live video, which serves as an instrument for learning or self-training of a group or person. The experts who most use this virtual tool for teaching are those dedicated to imparting knowledge in the digital area, such as web technology Social networks Digital marketing virtual events This does not mean that the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List use of webinars is exclusively for training in digital areas; There are professionals from all disciplines teaching virtual classes under this training.

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What are the advantages of creating

Webinars are in most cases free because mentors use them to attract followers to their websites or blogs and boost their brand. Also, there are cases where you have to pay, generally private or paid webinars, which are dictated by well-known and famous people, as Ismael Cala does in most of his online seminars. Whatever the case, free or paid, they are intended to teach an online class, which allows interaction between the participants and the DW Leads person who teaches it, with time slots set aside for questions and answers. In the case of the webinars that we receive in the format of a video to play, it is also a marketing strategy to position a personal brand or transfer mentorships through access to free content.

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