What Is Geomarketing and What Is Its Usefulness

Do you know what geomarketing is? Geomarketing is a set of. Techniques that combine elements of marketing and geography to analyze. The socio-economic reality from a geographical point of view with cartographic tools and spatial statistics. To explain in other words what DW Leads geomarketing is. We could say that it is a fundamental tool for decision-making. As to where to locate an office or business within a certain environment. Benefits of geomarketing better optimization of investments. Made in marketing strategies. It allows a deeper knowledge of the markets and the concentration of efforts. In specific sectors and market segments. Improvement in the planning of logistics and distribution tasks in terms of distribution routes.

Sales, Collections, Among Others

It allows. Obtaining more specific information on sales made to customers, grouping them into areas, sectors, municipalities, states, etc. More specific identification of the points of sale and offices of the alpha broder address competition. Determination of the company’s area of ​​influence, to find out what area is being covered and what type of clients it is targeting. It allows the evaluation of the optimal location of the business. It allows to decide with greater precision. The best location for new branches or to direct certain advertising campaigns. Added value is provided to. The customer by knowing their location and preferences in greater detail.

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How Do Geomarketing Tools Work?

How do geomarketing tools work? Geomarketing tools store customer information in company databases, obtained through various sources. Such as: online transactions mobile devices commercial network subscriptions third party sources. This information is filtered according to the defined marketing objectives and one or more digital maps are. Generated for data analysis and campaign design, such as the location of target customers for the delimitation of regional promotions. With the use of geomarketing analysis tools, detailed information is obtained about customers, their profile, the segment to which they belong, how they are distributed within a given region and even what the market share of the company is in relation to the competition. Combination of geomarketing and social networks if.

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