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This is called geofencing and it’s an emerging tactic by companies. That has a mobile app and want to reach. A local audience in specific areas. Basically, geofencing. Allows you to put a virtual fence around. An area of ​​your choosing, as large as you like. So, when users of your app. Enter your geofenced zone, they will receive a push. Similarly, Notification promotes your service, and your product. Or whatever you want. Geofencing. Guide before we get into the details of geofencing. And how it to any business. In any field, let’s get down to the basics. How it’s used and why you should use it as a marketing tactic. If you have decided to create a mobile application for your company.

What is Geofencing

Through push notifications, you can send messages to each person who has your application downloaded on their mobile, regardless of whether they have it open or not. In this way, an offer, company news, current information on the industry in which the company is dedicated or the latest market launches can be Egypt Phone Number List communicated directly, and it remains in the user’s mind. Geofencing offers the possibility to take push notifications a step further and, as a consequence, the opportunity to generate income. When creating a geofenced zone, a push notification can be sent to users of your application both when they enter your area and when they leave.

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The Benefits that Geofencing Offers to Your Business

A good option for companies that want to increase the engagement of their customers, allowing them to interact with them when they are nearby. Above all, What is Geofencing Why use Geofencing? You may be wondering if it is worth adjusting Geofencing, or if it would be profitable to mount it. Think of those stats about location-based message DW Leads targeting: Currently, more than 30% of the world’s population already uses or is influenced by location-based targeting. 80% of people prefer that companies send them targeted messages. 70 % of consumers would be willing to share their location if they received something in return. If they are near a business, 72% of consumers will act on a push notification. Today 60% of people look for local information on their mobiles.

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