What is Patreon A Creator’s Guide to Making Money in 2022

So your podcast audience has exploded, but the revenue from those fancy sock ads still doesn’t cover the rent. Or maybe you’re fed up with social media algorithms hiding your content from your own followers. Join Patreon, a platform that makes it easy to create content by monetizing your online following!

With Patreon, users can set up a personal subscription-based website in a few easy steps, allowing creators to phone number korea offer exclusive content to customers and generate regular monthly income.

A deep dive into Patreon will help you learn the ins and outs of this platform and determine if becoming a Patreon developer is right for you.

What is Patreon?

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Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to run a subscription service for their content. Instead of setting up their own website and payment platform, creators can easily set up their own Patreon page in just a few steps.

Patreon was launched in 2013 and has over 3 million monthly active subscribers and over 185,000 registered creators. In the spring of 2021, Patreon was valued at $4 billion.

Developers can offer subscriptions for various services. Popular content formats include:

Video (38% of creators)
Writing (17%)
Audio (14%)
Image (6%)
The Patreon app is also available for iOS or Android.

How does Patreon work?

Patreon allows creators to monetize their content by creating a paywall and charging subscribers a subscription fee to access their work. This transparent business model is good for both developers and consumers.

Developers know when their monthly payments are due and can rely on that income to support their work. In addition, customers can see exactly how the developer supports the subscription and renew or cancel their membership with the click of a button.

So what does Patreon use? Creators can use the Patreon platform for all types of content:

Examples of authors using Patreon to promote their work

Examples of photographers using Patreon

How Photographers Use Patreon

example of how podcasters use Patreon

Podcasters use patreon to post updates

An example of how musicians use Patreon is a link to a full song that is only available to paying subscribers.

Direct choice of Patreon

Overall, Patreon is a great opportunity for new creators to build a community and expand their reach, while established creators or celebrities can use Patreon to engage with fans in new ways.

How much money can I earn from Patreon?
The platform is scalable to accommodate all subsequent creators, so Patreon’s income is flexible.

How much of your audience has already converted to Patreon subscribers depends on a number of different factors, including:

The kind of content you create
The perks you offer to customers
Your membership level fees
The size of your current audience
the -business effort
Patreon’s pass rate shows that patrons are a small part of your audience

So how much can you expect? We collected a hypothetical example based on a creator with 10,000 followers on Instagram (the first social channel).

Total size of the next 10,000 (Instagram)
% of “active” followers (who click to learn more) 10%
Traffic from Instagram to Patreon page 1,000
% of traffic that converts into customers 1-5% (10-50 customers)
Average cost per patron

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