What Is Rtb, Real Time Bidding: Advertising in Real Time

Do you know what rtb is ? It is a new way of advertising. That is gaining more and more strength within digital marketing strategies and is currently being used. By large multinationals such as amazon or DW Leads zalandoo. The rtb , or real-time bidding in spanish. Is an online advertising system that consists of the real-time auction of advertising space. What is rtb? It is about bidding in real time for each impression of an advertisement in the advertising spaces of a certain web page. The mechanism is very simple: the price of advertising space varies depending on. The data that users leave each time they enter a web page. Who participates in real time bidding ?

What is RTB?

In the rtb there are five different types of actors: users surfing the net. Companies that want to advertise on a website. Ad exchange : platforms that put sellers and buyers in contact. It is the advertising space market that. Allocates each impression to the advertiser that offers the best price. It generally receives the advertising. Spaces that the ssp platform sends, the lawyers email addresses list urls where it can be advertised and creates the auctions that it sends to the dsp platforms, although sometimes there is also the possibility of bidding directly on the ad exchange . Dsp platform (demand side platform) : platform where advertisers and media agencies are located. This is where all the data about the auctions and the users arrive and.

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Who Participates in Real Time Bidding ?

When this data is crossed, advertisers are offered the different bids of the users based on the characteristics and needs that they have previously defined. Ssp platform (sell side platform) or lateral platform : platform in charge of collecting the different advertising media in which it is possible to advertise and sends them to ad exchange . Its main purpose is to maximize and optimize the income of the different media. How does rtb work ? The operation of the rtb begins when a user enters a web page, their browsing data is collected through cookies and a visitor profile is created, based on which the advertising spaces to be offered are valued.

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