What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a discipline that studies. The purchasing behavior of consumers in order to predict them and thus improve the conversion process of a brand. Neuromarketing emerged as a DW Leads union between clinical science and various marketing techniques. In the 1990s, when large companies used market research with biometric techniques in their campaigns. And it was in 2001 and 2002, when the first companies were founded. Neuromarketing companies. Through the application of different techniques and technologies, it is possible to analyze the consumer’s sensory. Responses to different stimuli, so that we can understand the brain when faced with the stimuli generated.

Eyetracking Is a Technology That Allows Users

By our campaign and know how consumers feel, think and act . Neuromarketing tries to find out why a consumer. Selects one product or service or another and what are the motivations that attorney email lists lead to it. These methods open. The door for us to understand the levels of emotion, attention and memory of users consciously. Or unconsciously through the measurement of neuronal activity. Neuromarketing is essential to draw. The attention of our target audience in our advertising actions. Knowing the desires, feelings and subconscious. Thoughts that drive purchasing decisions is highly valuable information for the company. Managing data from the consumer’s subconscious provides valuable information about their motivations. Types of neuromarketing: eye tracking.

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This Technology Is Based on the Fact That We Humans

Eyetracking is a technology that allows users to extract information by analyzing their eye movements. The eyetracker is the tool with which this action is carried out and consists of a special monitor that launches infrared rays into the eyes of the person who is looking at a certain image. The direction that these rays follow goes from the user’s pupil to the device, thus allowing to calculate precisely where he is looking. With this technique we can know what catches the user’s attention, very valuable information to, for example, display the content on a web page or place products in one position or another. Through the eye tracking technique, certain maps are obtained by which we can determine the places where the view stops the longest, on a scale from red to yellow and from yellow to green.

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