What Plans Do You Have for the Summer?

The summer season is here and with it the long-awaited holidays. The tourism sector , which has suffered a period of crisis not seen before due to the global situation. Caused by covid-19, is preparing DW Leads for the massive arrival of tourists. This year was highly anticipated. By the sector since the data indicated that we could reach pre-pandemic numbers. But despite these. Data from the beginning of the year, the sector remains expectant and with great uncertainty. When the end of the pandemic was being seen, another inconvenience arose that directly affects. The pockets of consumers. In recent months , inflation is sweeping away the savings of spaniards.

Encourage Internal and Domestic Tourism

Which is expected to cut vacation spending. On the other hand, and despite the increase in the cost of living, the cost of travel and tourist services in general, the tourist demand of spaniards Hong kong mobile number search is strong. This makes us think. That the sector will be able to weather the situation for the time being. Encourage internal and domestic tourism. The keys to being able to maintain and improve the numbers of visitors despite the levels of inflation. In the country, go through encouraging domestic tourism and domestic tourism. Traveling through spain is. The solution to be able to enjoy your holidays without excessive cost and the opportunity to visit incredible places.

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The Galician Coast

Inesem business school hotel receptionist course university degree + 8 ects credits. More information sites comparable to the swiss alps or beaches with white sands and green waters typical of the maldives islands, without forgetting rural tourism whose offer continues to grow year after year until we consolidate ourselves as one of the countries with the greatest offer of rural tourism in the world. Or cultural tourism where we can visit some of the 15 world heritage cities that we find in our geography. We are going to review incredible destinations that we can visit during our vacations without having to face excessive expenses for flights, all-inclusive hotels or guided excursions. Places where our camera and our desire to have fun, enjoy and relax will suffice.

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