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As with Instagram, include images of posts that generated high engagement. Other information is the same as Instagram data: Number of page likes Engagement rate in publications public profile Content that stood out Average daily new followers Days and times your audience is online posting frequency Scope of publications. How to make media kit for YouTube As for the YouTube media kit, where the contents are always video, the performance of the videos you publish and the reach your channel has: number of subscribers Video engagement rate (likes, shares and comments) Average number of views per video Number of monthly views Content that stood out public profile Publication frequency.

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How to make media kit for blog When creating a media kit for blogs, it is necessary to add some information that is a little different. Try to include the following Saudi Arabia Phone Number List information: number of visitors Duration of visits to blog pages public profile Positioning Articles on Google Through SEO Ad click-through rate. Did you learn what a media kit is? We hope this article has helped you understand everything about media kits and how to assemble this document to present brands. If you have a brand and are using social media to leverage your business, check out our article on how to sell more using Instagram.

We know that running your own business is difficult

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You have to create a product, take care of paperwork, take the time to find fast website hosting , work hard to promote your work, and much more. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed DW Leads by all of this. Thinking about this type of situation, we decided to create this article, where we will explain, in the simplest possible way, what influencer marketing is and if it is still worth it. What is Influencer Marketing? Users of platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok have the option to choose whether to follow other users or not. Naturally, some people end up getting more followers than others. But there are certain individuals who stand out in a remarkable way. These are people with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers on social media. We call them influencers. An influencer has the power to communicate with thousands of people regularly through social media.

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