What You Need to Know About Wikipedia Backlinks

In this article, we explain how wikipedia backlinks affect your seo and the best ways to acquire them. The world of seo is constantly changing. That’s why as an seo or a digital marketer, you should try everything to improve your website or webpage ranking. However, despite the evolution of seo, one fundamental has remained constant: the power of backlinks . Backlinks have been and will for a long time be one of the primary ranking factors that search engines use to rank sites. This is why getting high quality backlinks is always an important part of website rankings.

Wikipedia Backlinks for Example. What?

Wikipedia? Yes, you have this right. Wikipedia is one of the top 5 websites on the internet, and getting a high da (da 100) backlink from this site will definitely boost your Latvia Phone Number website ranking. Wikipedia alexa how do you get wikipedia backlinks? Before we get into the juicy technical details, let’s first look at the value of wikipedia backlinks. Wikipedia backlinks – is it really worth it? The value of wikipedia backlinks has been hotly debated among seo experts for years. While some claim they offer no added value, others swear by them.

So What Is the Truth Behind Getting a Backlink From

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One of the most trusted websites in the world? Wikipedia backlinks are not trackedlet’s start with the elephant in the room – the fact that wikipedia backlinks are no-follow backlinks. Yes, no-follow backlinks technically carry no link juice. However, if a website has as many subscribers as wikipedia, you can benefit from the traffic it sends you. And guess what? Traffic is one of the signals search engines look for when ranking websites. The more traffic your website has, the more search engines will deem your website worthy of ranking higher. Especially for e-commerce stores, traffic = money. This is why huge e-commerce platforms like amazon are becoming full- fledged search engines .

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