Which Social Network to Use to Promote Your Blog?

The other day, i received this message: “hello paul. I decided to start a gardening blog. But i really don’t know where to start to make myself known. Articles? Instagram? Facebook ? Linkedin? All ? There DW Leads are way too many choices! How to do ? » which social network. To use to promote your blog? This is a big problem that many bloggers go through. Indeed, when you start. You want to create accounts on all social networks. Web marketing training and that’s normal. We were always told that we had to be everywhere . The problem is that we are not necessarily comfortable everywhere. And if we are… it takes time! So you have to solve this infernal dilemma: be present everywhere.

Think of the Snowball Effect to Promote Your Blog

But less well, or else by working 24 hours a day), or only in certain places (but without respecting the great. Instructions that we have always been given)? What communication and promotion find owner of phone number denmark strategy should. Be put in place? That’s what we’re going to see today. Always prioritize quality in your content creation. Your goal with your content creation is to attract prospects to your offer. You must show them that you have. Real experience/skills to best support them. The best way is therefore to produce quality content because. It will really help your prospects who will be more inclined to take out the credit card afterwards.

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Bet on Your Advantages to Select a Social Network

We call it the reciprocity that robert cialdini talks about in his famous book (you will find it at the bottom of this article) it will be more easily shared on social networks and will promote itself. the qualitative approach is something i (almost always) tried to do. And besides, it is always this content that lasts the best in the long term and brings me qualified prospects and not tourists. For example, my first video which worked very well on the functioning of the hypersensitive brain quickly went viral because (1) it meets a real need from my audience and (2) it gives quality information to meet it. . Like everyone else (beyonce, your baker and elon musk included), you only have 24 hours in a day.

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