Who Are You Blogging For?

You have created a blog for you, your company? Mistake. You are not blogging for yourself or for your business! You made a pro or company blog for you. To communicate about you, your DW Leads products, that’s probably where the problem lies. It is the first reflex. I want to make a blog, i want to create a blog, i need to create a blog to communicate about my products. I want the world to know what i have to say to it, to offer it, to it to proposeā€¦ training to create your training. Organization who is most important? You ? Your readers? Nope ! You shouldn’t do this anymore. It seems strange to you, i agree. It’s a complete paradigm shift, a sudden u-turn, a change of vision that will impact.

Be Interested in What Interests Your Customers

A lot of things in your communication, i agree. However, in my opinion, it is an almost obligatory passage. Whether you are a freelancer or vse / sme, what interests your customers is not you. What interests your customers is them. These are the benefits they will derive from get china number your products and your services. Note: the world doesn’t care what you have to offer. What interests each of us, very selfishly, is us. Ask yourself the question. What is most important to you. In short, it’s you. What touches you. Your consumer reflexes will save. Your blog forget for a moment your posture as an entrepreneur, business manager, marketing manager. And imagine yourself making a purchase.

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Give Meaning to Your Communication

What do you think of first? Not to the company that manufactures and brings this product to market. You think about yourself, about what the product could bring you, its reliability, its use, its price, its design, or even the feeling of belonging to a particular class. You think about everything you will be able to do with the product, you also want to know its limitations, its weak points, because you want to make the best purchase possible. And if you had to think about the company that puts this product on the market, it would be last, for ethical issues, brand image. How apple touches your heart let us briefly study the case of apple products.

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