Why and How to Feed a Blog During the Development

When you start in e-commerce, the development. Of the site generally takes several months. Rather than not using this time and then waiting months. For your site to attract visitors, you might as well DW Leads put something in place to start attracting traffic. Through seo and social networks. We will not talk here about the waiting page which can be used to collect emails. Because it has already been covered in this article . The idea that we are going to dig into today is to create. And feed an e-commerce blog in parallel with the creation of your e-commerce site… Creation of the blog. Creating a blog (under wordpress for example) and installing it in a /blog/ directory of your hosting will allow.

How Will This Blog Help Me for My Shop?

You to write the first pages of content related to your e-commerce activity. I recommend the use of a directory. And not a sub-domain so that the links you will collect are used directly to promote the email databases for sale referencing of. Your store when it is online. Training to create your training organization how to feed the blog? Blog content writing. The purpose of the blog is going to be to give google content to crawl, he loves it. For the latter to fully understand what you are doing, you will therefore have to stay in your field of activity. You can wonder about the questions that your future customers will ask and answer them in a well-argued article.

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Once the E-Commerce Store Is Online

For example. Or you can surf the current fashion around your future products. No need to do commercial. Stay informative, you will have plenty of time to create commercial bridges between the blog and the store later. To know what content you will publish on which day (i advise you about one article per week), i recommend that you keep a schedule even before writing the first article. This will allow you to find the topics that you can deal with and to see which ones are related to each other (internal linking is very important). It will also prevent you from finding your head underwater looking for an article subject.

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