Why Influencers Aren’t Enough to Drive Sales

The last decade has seen the birth and rise of the infamous influencer. With the increasing prevalence of social media channels came the increasing need for content and. By default, content creators. Influencers are those who have built up a loyal online following from. Their content DW Leads creation and range from fashion lovers to foodies, to travel geeks to daily vloggers. The public fascination with other people’s lives and opinions grounds what is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s no wonder influencers are becoming one of the first ports of call for marketers. But is it really. An effective marketing strategy? In fact, the association of national advertisers (ana) found that although 75%. Of marketers currently employ influencers, only 35% consider those efforts to be effective and 19% admit.

Are Influencers Really Enough to Drive Sales?

To them being ineffective. So why are people so inclined to use influencers? Obviously, the promise. Of their expansive loyal fanbase gets brands salivating, but how do influencers generate kuwait number sales in practice? How influencers drive sales a successful influencer marketing campaign is two-fold. 1. Content successful. Influencer marketing campaigns use content that aligns with the brand and the influencer chosen to promote it. As a brand, you will more likely be granted access to the loyal following of your influencers by promoting. A product that is a seamless extension of what the influencer is known for. For example, if your influencer is known for being vegan you shouldn’t have them promoting your range of luxury leather backpacks.

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How Influencers Drive Sales

Consistency apparently, it takes around 16 instances of noticed product placement for people to make a purchase. The more frequently your audience is exposed to your product, the more likely you are to secure sales. Consistent placement of your product across your feed or throughout their videos is far superior to having them post about you once – it’s also more convincing. By this logic, all you need to do is find an influencer who likes your brand and then spon the hell out of them! Seems too simple… are really enough to drive sales? Having taken a closer look at the figures it turns out that only 23% of people believe that content from influencers is actually influential.

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