Why Is Blogging Beneficial to E-Commerce?

We’ve probably already told you: your e-commerce. Site will be boosted by blogging. But what exactly does a trading platform get from a blog? E-commerce drives many dreams. Many candidates, but few DW Leads elected. In 2016, fevad counted 204,000 active merchant. Sites generating a turnover of 72 billion euros. 84% of these sales are generated by only 4.5% of these sites. Web marketing training neither goose that lays the golden egg nor a simple mirage, online commerce is. Not the el dorado 2.0 that some people hoped for. Demanding, time-consuming and versatile. The e-commerce activity is much more complex to implement and make viable than it seems. Many questions. Need to be answered. How to make yourself known in the jungle that is the internet?

The Blog, a Powerful Marketing Lever for Your E-Commerce

How to become a credible actor? Of your brand? How can we resolve these difficult questions? Many tools exist: seo, cpc, social media… and blogging. The animation of a blog offers valuable results to trading platforms. Blogging to meet the multiple challenges of an e-shop an electrical contractors email list e-commerce store must be visible to internet users. And its targets in particular. But adblocks are proliferating on our computers. Consumers are increasingly. Refusing advertising messages. These outbound marketing techniques are working less and less well. E-merchants must find other seo techniques to improve their traffic. Appearing professional and trustworthy.

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30 Benefits of Creating a Blog for an E-Commerce Site

Entices people to buy items from you. How to overcome the sometimes cheap image and the impossibility. Of touching (and testing) the products? E-commerce must strive to reassure and gain credibility in order to reach its targets. Developing a secure brand image is fundamental to the success of your online business. Despite all your efforts, it’s a safe bet that your product sheets are not generating as many exchanges with your targets as you would like. Nope ? How to create links, engage and build loyalty with descriptions of articles, sometimes technical? Not easy. Social networks such as the blog are useful tools to meet this challenge.

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