Why Start an Internal Company Blog?

Whether it is to inform employees of the situation. Of the organization or of the evolution of the market. In conclusion, to offer them a space for discussion or even collaborative support. The main objective of this platform is to federate employees around of this powerful internal. Communication tool … web marketing training the internal corporate blog or internal DW Leads company blog is. By definition, managed by the company and intended to improve internal communication. It should not be confused with a professional blog or even. In conclusion, an institutional blog which will have external targets. (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.). How to start a corporate blog? Defining business blog goals before.

Choose the Medium and Organize the Publication

Launching an internal corporate blog, it is important to define the objectives of this support. There are several of them and these can be combined: establishing dialogue between management and how to find ceo email employees. (the blog will carry, in a way, “the voice of the manager”), ensuring market (or sectoral) monitoring and disseminating it. Improving the commitment of employees through corporate values ​​and culture , improve internal. Communication , develop working groups, etc. Choosing the editorial line editorial slant as with any type of blog. It must be thought out before launching. Logically, the editorial line of a corporate blog must reflect. The image of the company.

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The Advantages of the Business Blog

The editor must be included in the organization, which will also develop proximity. With the reader (employees). The blog will then have to be in accordance with the codes of the structure: corporate culture. In conclusion, managerial culture and style of communication. The subjects to be treated must be organized beforehand into themes. For example, it seems essential to establish a category bringing together company news or its projects. Other functionalities could be integrated: discussion forum, comment spaces. In conclusion, resentation of the members of the organization. The corporate blog should not be a pale copy of existing internal communication. It must be complementary and original so that employees find real use in becoming regular readers (and participants).

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