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While a marketing funnel motivates leads to buy products and services. A sales funnel deals with the leads from a marketing funnel to encourage them to make purchases. Non-linear Funnels A nonlinear marketing funnel focuses on integrating a brand into the customer’s. Life by centering on their needs and fulfilling them. Examples of brands that weave themselves into the lives of their customers and potential consumers include. Red Bull, Starbucks, Lego and more. A Real-Life Marketing Funnel Example ASOS, the fashion and cosmetic giant. Understands that email marketing is one of their most popular. Customer acquisition channels and uses it effectively to create an impact.

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ASOS sends out regular emails accompanied by a theme and catchy subject line. Including the use of emojis to their customers and prospects. Once customers open the email, they are attracted to the simple yet eye-catching design of the email body with short spurts of text separated by stunning imagery. This attracts customers to click through and land on Iceland Phone Number List their desired product pages on the ASOS website, leading to potential conversions. What is the Best Type of Content for Each Stage of the Funnel? Exposure The types of content that help in the Exposure stage include ads, social media posts, landing pages, infographics, or slide presentations. Discovery Make the customer discover more about your brand through social media posts, ads, blog posts, and videos.

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Consideration The type of content that can sway a customer towards your product or service is testimonials, emails with offers, ads with discounts etc. Conversion At the Conversion stage, the content you should use includes informative/entertaining social media posts, how-to guides or blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, podcasts, and webinars. Customer DW Leads Relationships At this stage, you have the customer’s attention as they have purchased your product or services. And now it’s time to give them more. The kind of content you could use here includes ratings, reviews, self-assessments, questionnaires and emails.

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