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The amount you spend should only increase after a 90-day discovery period when you have analyzed your results. What’s the difference between Facebook ads and Google ads? Google ads help your business to reach individuals who are explicitly searching for a product or service. Facebook ads target individuals who might need, or be interested in, your product or service offering but not know it until they see it. Five must-haves for measuring digital marketing success How do business owners know if their digital marketing strategies are working? Measuring and monitoring tools for digital marketing help businesses to see how they are performing, which helps them deliver the best results.

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WSI Consultant Denise Bowen also hosted a well-attended and top-rated webinar where she outlined the five things that businesses need to measure their digital marketing. Here’s what you need to know: 1. Tools Understanding digital marketing metrics helps bring people to your website. There are free analytics tools to monitor website Indonesia Phone Number List traffic, website leads, paid ads, and ecommerce websites. A marketing agency (like your local WSI Consultant) can assist you with each tool. 2. Lead tracking attribution Track your SEO, ads, social media, and more using tracking tools on social media platforms, Google Analytics, call tracking, contact forms, or a CRM such as HubSpot.

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Testing With testing, you can determine what is working and what is not helping your business. A/B (or split) testing allows you to test two versions of something (colors, wording, images). Heat mapping is also a suitable testing method. 4. Dashboards and benchmarks Comparing monthly, annual or seasonal numbers can help your business DW Leads spot trends. A comprehensive dashboard that makes it easy to sort and filter information can help you to do this. 5. Competitor insights Find out how you rank among competitors through competitive research. Reviewing your competitors once or twice a year will help you implement changes to beat them at their game and stand out from the crowd.

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