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Go to the Results” sheet. You should now see something like this google sheet ctr This shows the pages where you can benefit the most from improving CTR. These are the ones you should improve. BY THE WAY.Although we have excluded SERP own features, it is important to note that the presence of SERP features e.g. featured snippets in the SERP can affect the CTR of “normal” organic results. Additionally, the calculations in the spreadsheet are based on CTR averages. So always revisit the results and examine them further before adjusting titles and descriptions. There may be a legitimate reason for below-average CTRs, such as the presence of SERP features or the fact that the keyword is branded. Keep in mind that CTR varies from keyword to keyword.

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Suggested reading How to Create the Perfect South Korea Phone Number List SEO Title Tag Our ‑Step Process HOW IT WORKS Here’s what the sheet does in a nutshell Looks at the current CTR for all keywords Finds those with different CTRs based on their ranking position Calculates the potential traffic increase when you reach the average CTR To give an example, imagine that we have a page that only ranks for two keywords “ Keyword ” , searches month — Position “ Keyword ” searches month — Position Right now we get a CTR on “Keyword ” and a CTR on “Keyword .visits month But the thing is, the average CTR for position is for non-branded keywords in the US and for position . So we’re doing well below average here. If we could somehow improve the CTR to reach the average, the math would look more like this.

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Visitors month That’s a traffic increase of . Improve underperforming pages with internal links. Internal links are backlinks from other pages on the same website. The blue words in this sentence form an internal link to our anchor text post. Why are DW Leads they important? Because they support the authority of your website. Many also believe that internal link anchors the clickable words affect Google rankings. This is something Google’s John Mueller has confirmed as well as he has on a number of occasions. Translation Most links provide a little extra context through their link text. At least they should, right? Well, it’s important to note that you should have a good internal link structure to begin with.


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