Your Blog to an E-Commerce Site While Maintaining

When you have an e-commerce site. You need to add a blog to it, for several reasons. We will see together how to add to your e-commerce. Site while maintaining the trust of your community… First DW Leads of all, you have to know that a blog makes. It possible to democratize the sale and to see it under another axis. Web marketing training indeed, via your. You can convey the message(s) you want through your articles, without necessarily having a sales pitch. However, spontaneously, your visitors will be able to go buy your products on their own on your e-shop. Let’s take a closer look. Use the of your e-commerce solution if you use prestashop or solutions like wizishop or shopify.

An Additional WordPress Blog

You have a blog available. You are free to activate it and feed it. Before using it, have a clear objective. And a defined editorial line . If you start writing an article and then nothing, your credibility takes a hit. With your readers will see that you are not active. This will influence the Canadian phone number list image they can have of you and. Your e-commerce store. Very often, the blog script made available with your solution is installed. In a subfolder of the site. This creates a “blog” tab that the visitor can find for information.

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A Trust That Is No Longer to Be Demonstrated

With a associated. With an e-commerce store, you will establish your credibility by sharing your opinion on your products. The presentation of new articles, or even, what works very well, unboxing, in other words, unpacking article that you film and show. The reinforces the confidence that the visitor can have, and plays an important role in his decision to buy . Thanks to the , you will unite your community and build trust. An additional wordpress  if you are not comfortable with the blog available by default in your store, you can easily install a with the wordpress script, which you install as a subdomain on your hosting.

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