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Site Explorer insert competitor domain referring domains add “dofollow” filter sort by number of dofollow links to landing page high to low referring domains links to target Look for links from sites you know or that appear to be industry blogs. Click the triangle to see the backlinks from each website and for more information. Did you find a website that meets the requirements? Look for it in your site’s Referring Domains report and see if that site already points to you. If there are no links from this site, or only one or two, then it might be worth establishing a relationship with them. ACTION TIP People connect with people they know and like. Build relationships with your serial linkers and your competitor’s sites.

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Learn from your most linked content Link Czech Republic Phone Number List building works best when you have content that people actually want to link to. But it’s not like infographics always attract more links than blog posts, or studies, or interactive quizzes, or any other type of content. Different niches tend to favor different content types. The best place to understand what works and what doesn’t work in your niche is to look for commonalities between your most linked pages. Search Console select a property Most Linked Pages Sort by Referring Sites top target pages search console BY THE WAY. The reason for sorting by Referring sites as opposed to Inbound links is that two links from two different sites are generally more valuable for SEO than two links from the same domain.

Czech Republic Phone Number List

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If we do this for the Ahrefs blog, it’s clear that studies seem to attract a lot of links.. top link targets studies search console We should do more stud. Well, that’s enlightening and certainly useful, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could do the same DW Leads for competitor websites as well? You can’t do that in Google Search Console, but you can in Ahrefs Site Explorer . Site Explorer insert a competitor domain Pages | Best to left add “ ok” filter best by links ahrefs If wewill see that calculators and posts with stats attract the most links. nerdwallet calculators statistics If we run it for a tech blog like to see that leaks and exclusive reports about upcoming Apple products attract links. to mac best by links ahrefs ACTION TIP Learn what types of content attract links in your niche and create more of it.


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