Your message may not have the necessary impact

It’s time to go for action! So far, we understand that Digital Marketing is extremely dynamic, making it possible to think in the medium and even long term. However, what you shouldn’t do is take too long to put the actions into practice. Take the first step by organizing the digital channels you intend to use, thinking about the content that will fit into each of them. Don’t forget to have a team of competent professionals to manage this planning. In addition, the metrics and results need to be constantly analyzed, only then will you know if the plan is going well, or if there is a need to optimize the strategies.

It is still quite common for entrepreneurs to

Trust that the profile of their consumers is mixed. When this is detected. We have a clear sign that the marketing plan is being poorly done or does not exist yet. Always Armenia Phone Number List try to work with the persona concept, a fictitious way of representing your ideal consumer. It is precisely by creating this customer that you can direct your message to those who are more likely to close a deal. Not setting criteria regarding posting frequency It is a common mistake not to give importance to the frequency within your strategy, causing the contents to become clustered within your pages.

Seek to have an efficient organization of communication

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Including times and periods of greater reach for the transmission of the message. Whenever compelling ideas come up. Separate them into posts throughout DW Leads the day, for example. Instead of a single post. Failing to measure results Within the world called Digital Marketing. Measurement is one of the great advantages offered by. The internet in relation to the online environment. This means that there is no time for guesswork, you have to be sure. There are metrics responsible for tracking each action, whether on social networks, blogs or emails. For this reason, please do not ignore: calculation of return on investment – ROI; conversion rates and bounce rates; customer acquisition cost – CAC. These metrics help entrepreneurs when it comes to assessing whether or not the action is following the right path.

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