Reasons for Changing the New Google Logo

Brands are increasingly aware that flexibility and adaptability. In conclusion, to the market is the only valid modus operandi to “survive”. This adaptability encompasses. All aspects of the brand, including its image. An example of this is google, who has chosen to re-adapt its logo. With this being the DW Leads sixth time in which significant changes are perceived in the 17 years of existence of its. Logo as such . Although the changes in the search engine logo are not radical. In conclusion, ertain elements are appreciated that denote a more marked shift towards the brand personality that the leaders of the technology. Company have been seeking to convey for some time. What are the main changes to the logo? The main change observed is the transformation of the typography towards more open, less aggressive, and smoother curves.

What Are the Main Changes to the Logo?

Said simplification is seen latent in the elimination of the serifs (ornaments with which the. Strokes are finished) of the letters. This change indicates the interest of the brand in showing itself as an Italian phone numbers entity. With a more friendly, accessible and humanized appearance. This objective of google is marked. In part, by the constant controversy and criticism that. In conclusion, the company receives due to issues of monopoly and. Incorrect data management (we all remember controversies such as the one in which the google. Maps car went through the cities recording data from wi-fi networks while fulfilling its initial function of saving.

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Greater Clarity in Typography

Images of the cities themselves). Another reason. Why the forms in the logo have been. Simplified is due to the fact that connections to the google. Website are no longer produced exclusively. Through a desktop or laptop computer, but can now be practically. Equate the connections to said website of the same number of computers and laptops as of mobile devices. In conclusion, tablets and other latest generation technology . In this way, the image is adapted so that it can be viewed. More easily from screens of all sizes. Greater clarity in typography as an addition, if we observe. The changes in the google logo from its beginnings to the present day. A constant has been the increase in the luminosity.

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